Who am I?

I am the sum of my genetic predispositions and lifetime experiences.  I am totally awesome, absolutely terrified, incredibly happy, quick to cry at sappy movies, irritated by wasting my time, and full of faults.  My moods can change quickly, which I am sure will be obvious for anyone actually reading this site.

I started a business with a friend of mine right as the economy started tanking.  Due to my magnificent customer service and product-packing skills, and my partner’s fantabulous accounting and other all-things-numbers related, we’ve experienced healthy, steady growth.  I LOVE what I do and can’t wait to do more of it!

Aside from that, you’ll probably learn more about me reading the site, so no need to write a book here… but be warned!  If you subscribe to my site, be prepared to get a schizophrenic smattering of all kinds of different topics!  Hope you enjoy them all 🙂

What’s “rogue the girl” mean?

Got me.  Probably somewhat related to the fact that my main character in World of Warcraft was a rogue, but the rest stuck in my head and refused to leave.  Usually when that happens I tend to just roll with it.

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